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Are you in your midlife with a long term relationship that’s coming to an end?


Do you know if you really want to end it your marriage?


Has your partner decided to end your relationship?


Is your head so messed up that you’re finding it difficult to know what to do, where to go and who can help you get a divorce?

“Everybody deserves to be able to access the help and support they need and are entitled to. My vision is that people know where to turn for information, help and support when coming out of a long term relationship.”

Designed to be a practical resource, this handbook by Sue Grogan covers everything you need to know if you are coming out of a long term relationship, separating or going through a divorce.


Your situation and feelings concerning your marriage and relationship


Looking after yourself during your separation, divorce and in the future


Making a conscious decision to end your relationship or marriage


Legal information if you are married


Legal information if you are not married


Other legal aspects you should consider


Your finances and your separation or divorce


Managing your new financial situation after your divorce


Families and friends – dealing with your new situation after your separation or divorce


Looking after your other relationships after your separation or divorce


Your new future after your separation or divorce


When you need support and information during and after your separation and divorce

“This is a very helpful and clear guide set out in easy steps for anyone facing divorce and breakup in their middle years or beyond, written with real empathy and care.”

Glynis Wright

Head of Practice, Glynis Wright & Co Specialist Family Solicitors and Mediators

“I certainly could have done with this book before I went through my separation and divorce.”


“Surviving and moving beyond even the most devastating divorce in midlife is possible. In this much needed supportive guide, Sue signposts the way.”

Debbie Moore

High Achievers Coach

“Divorcing in later life creates such monumental change for a person and it’s not always easy to know what help you need, let alone ask for it. Personal confidence and self-esteem can often be very low at this point and to have such a practical, clear and comprehensive guide on how to navigate such a traumatic time in life is invaluable.”

Cherie Concannon

Concannon Connection



After a long and successful career in the NHS and now running her own business, Sue Grogan uses all the experience, insight and awareness she’s gained to help others.

She is a business woman at Joined-Up Working, Trainer, Adviser and Author.

Sue is also a midlife divorcee.



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