Family Law Solicitors

As a Family Law Solicitor do you struggle for time when:

  • Some of your clients need more support than you can give them?
  • There’s not enough time to focus on what you specialise in?

I’m not a solicitor, but I can give additional support to your clients.

Which clients can I help?

Those who are thinking of or coming out of a long-term relationship in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Those in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who are using your Family Law services to get divorced.

What help will they get?

Finding solutions to their key challenges outside of the legal situation

Referral to appropriate specialist support outside of the legal profession

There are several key areas:

Client’s Work Environment

Managing their work time effectively to remain productive

Knowing their rights at work

Having difficult conversations with their manager and colleagues if they are absent due to their challenges or responsibilities

Managing their work and home lives to reduce exhaustion

Client’s Home Environment

Practical advice re changing names, bank accounts, moving house etc

Techniques around having difficult conversations

Client’s Personal Challenges

Looking after their own health, mental health and wellbeing

Signposting to relevant specialist services for themselves or others through:

Alternative therapies
Healthy lifestyle / nutrition
Addiction treatment or therapy

How could these family law services be provided?


Sue Grogan from Silver Splitters can provide each client with:

  • Individual advice session – phone or online; follow up bespoke research with written advice to the client
  • Referrals to external specialist services. If the client chooses to use these then any costs of the external services must be paid by the client.

What’s the benefit to your clients?

  • They get additional professional services and support
  • They get solutions to some of their key challenges

What’s the benefit to you?


You get your time back

You can focus on what you specialise in

You don’t have to be an expert at everything

You’ll have an additional service for your clients


How will this happen?


Ask your clients to look at this website

What do they need to do?


Click on the link on the home page to book an introductory telephone call.

If suitable, they’ll be offered a package of support.

Payment for that support package is then requested in advance to ease the whole process.

If you’d like to talk to me first…


Please click on this link to book a time to talk with me.

You’ll get an automated email to confirm your date and time.

I will call you at that time.

You can also leave a message on 0116 4300 370